Civil Fee Sheet

Effective August 1, 2015

Fee Description

Filing Fee

Small Claims ($1,500 or Less) (Lower)

$107.00 (SM00)*

Small Claims (Over $1,500 thru $3,000) (Mid)

$181.00 (SM01)*

Small Claims ($3,000 thru $6,000) (Upper)

$270.00 (SM02)*

Small Claims (Amended from lower to upper)

$163.00 (SMAM)

District Civil (Over $6,000 thru $10,000)

$302.00 (DV00)*

Circuit Civil (thru $50,000)
* Includes declaratory judgment that is a new filing
* Includes non-monetary cases

$301.00 (CV00)

Circuit Civil (Over $50,000)

$401.00 (CV05)

Circuit Civil Jury Demand

$100.00 (CVAM)

Circuit Civil (Worker's Compensation)

$249.00 (CV02)

Domestic Relations (Original filing)

$249.00 (DR00)*

Domestic Relations (Modification/enforcement)

$352.00 (DRME)*

Child Support (Original & Modification)

$149.00 (CS00)*


$147.00 (JO00)*

Other Fees and Filing Costs

Circuit Civil (Counterclaims, cross claims, third party complaint, third party motion, action for declaratory judgment, motion or complaint to appear as intervener or 3rd party plaintiff)


CV/DV/DR/SM (upper) (Motion for judgment, default judgment, or summary judgment - sometimes called judgment as a matter of law or motion for judgment)


Additional Plaintiffs (Small Claims and District Civil)

$50.00 ($500.00 max)

Additional Plaintiffs (Circuit Civil) *Loss of Consortium & Domestic Relations Excepted

$100.00 ($1,000.00 max)

Certification Fee

$5.00 per document

Civil Subpoenas


Child Support/Juvenile Subpoenas


Attachment, Garnishment, Execution


Pre-judgment Writ of Seizures


Withholding Termination or Filing Fee


Additional Defendants